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Bernard Issa

Assistant Professor of Spanish
Interim Chair of Linguistics IDP
710 McClung Tower

Phone: (865) 974-8987

Bernard Issa is an Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics with a specialization in Second Language Acquisition. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Chicago. His dissertation research, supported by National Science Foundation and Language Learning dissertation grants, employed eye-tracking to investigate how learners allocate their attention under different instructional interventions. Bernard's broader research agenda examines how individual difference variables (e.g., motivation, attention, second language use, and working memory) relate to the learning and processing of second language grammar and furthermore, understand how those variables interact with learner external factors such as type of instructional intervention and learning context.

Bernard also serves as the First-Year Spanish Language Program Director and the Language Training Coordinator for Graduate Students.

Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago

Journal Articles:

  • Issa, B., Morgan-Short, K., Villegas, B., & Raney, G. (2015). An Eye-tracking Study on the Role of Attention and its Relationship with Motivation. EUROSLA Yearbook, 15, 114-142. doi:10.1075/eurosla.15.05iss
  • Issa, B. I., & Morgan-Short, K. (2019). Effects of external and internal attentional allocation on second language grammar development: An eye-tracking study. Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 41(2), 389-417. doi:10.1017/S027226311800013X
  • Morgan-Short, K., Marsden, E., Heil, J., Issa, B. I., Leow, R. P., Mikhaylova, A., . . . Szudarskik, P. (2018). Multisite Replication in Second Language Acquisition Research: Attention to Form During Listening and Reading Comprehension. Language Learning, 68(2), 392-437. doi:10.1111/lang.12292
  • Zalbidea, J., Issa, B., Faretta-Stutenberg, M., & Sanz, C. (2020. Initial proficiency and L2 grammar development during short-term immersion abroad: Conceptual and methodological insights. Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 1-29. doi:10.1017/S0272263120000376
  • Issa, B.I., Faretta–Stutenberg, M. and Bowden, H.W. (2020), Grammatical and Lexical Development During Short‐Term Study Abroad: Exploring L2 Contact and Initial Proficiency. The Modern Language Journal

Book Chapters:

  • Bowden, H., & Issa, B. I. (2018). Neurolinguistic Approaches to Spanish as a Heritage Language. In K. Potowski (Ed.), The Routledge Handbook of Spanish as a Minority/Heritage Language.
  • Issa, B. I., & Zalbidea, J. (2018). Proficiency Levels in Study Abroad: Is There an Optimal Time for Sojourning?. In C. Sanz, & A. Morales-Front (Eds.), The Routledge Handbook of Study Abroad Research and Practice. 
  • Issa, B. I. (2019). Examining the relationships between attentional allocation, working memory and second language development: An eye-tracking study.. In R. P. Leow (Ed.), The Routledge Handbook of Second Language Research in Classroom Learning (pp. 464-479).

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