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Graduate Teaching Assistants

Krysh Ayub-Unzón

Krysh Ayub-Unzón was born in the peninsula of Baja California Sur, Mexico. She studied her Licenciatura in Spanish Language and Literature at the University of Baja California Sur. She completed her master’s degree in Literature and History at the University of Baja California Sur, where she wrote a thesis entitled Anáilsis del discurso de Carlota de Bélgica en la novela Noticias del Imperio de Fernando del Paso. Also, she completed a master’s degree on Theoretical Linguistics at the University of Querétaro in Querétaro, Mexico. As a doctoral student her interests are in historical novels from Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. Her dissertation focuses on the female characters who have held a position of power and how they reconfigure themselves within Latin-American societies. She has published an article entitled “Discurso de un personaje histórico” in the book Historia y Literatura: confluencia de perspectivas published by the University of Baja California. She also has won awards for her creative writing in poetry and narrative. Before coming to the U.S., she taught for 15 years at the High School and University levels. Also, she produced records and founded the label Non Serviam Records in which she discovered underground talented bands in Latin America especially in Colombia, Brazil and Mexico. As part of the record label, she organized concerts of well-known metal bands in Mexico City like Mystifier (Brazil), Speedwolf (USA), Masacre (Colombia) among others. She studies the contracultural manifestation of metal rock in Latin America. She enjoys running half marathons and craft beer. 


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