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Hispanic Studies Certificate in Experiential Learning

This certificate serves as a recognition for students who choose to engage in three important aspects of experience learning: study abroad, independent undergraduate research and service learning. These activities all fit within the Spanish major/minor and students who wish to get the certificate do not need to do any additional coursework, outside the basic requirements of the major but are required to do a public presentation of their independent research.

The program can be completed in three semesters but it is advisable that students begin planning for the certificate their sophomore year.


  1. Student must be a declared Spanish major or minor.
  2. 3.0 GPA in 311/312 (or 309), 330 and 331.
  3. At least 4 weeks study abroad in a program approved by the UT Center for Global Engagement (495S or another program).
  4. Successful completion of 494S at UTK with a C or better.
  5. Independent study on a research topic completed in SPAN 493. This may be integrated into other required Honors theses and/or related to the service learning experience. The final project should be a 15 to 20-page research project or its equivalent.
  6. Presentation of research (Eureca, Vernacular symposium or other venue or departmental event).


Freshman/sophomore year: Declare major.
Sophomore year: Find a mentor in the Hispanic Studies Program; identify possible topics for Independent Study and plan for certificate; possible study abroad program.
Junior/Senior year: Study abroad if not completed earlier; complete independent study and service learning. SPAN 494S has a pre-requisite of 15 hours of UD Spanish and is envisioned as a capstone course during the student’s senior year.

The mentor is responsible for overseeing the completion of all elements of the certificate and will let the program chair know when this has happened.

Certificates are awarded at the annual MFLL awards ceremony.

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